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Buying Glasses?

More often than not, customers are pushed into spending more for things they don’t need – especially in regards to glasses. Before you begin to search for the right pair, you’ll want to read up on all of the different add ons and varieties of lenses available.

Lens types:   The cost of single vision lenses relies heavily on your prescription. The higher the value, the thicker your lenses are going to be. However, it is possible to upgrade to a higher lens index which is denser and stronger, thus making it thinner and more comfortable to wear. The higher the index, the thinner the lens.
Bi-focal lenses have two distinct vision fields. The upper portion usually has a prescription to see things off in the distance. The lower portion has a magnification so that one is able to read a book or newspaper. There is clearly a visible line separating these two visual fields.
Progressive lenses are also bifocals but the upper and lower portion of the vision fields are blended together, creating a seamless lens. They are also sometimes described as a no-line bifocal.  Not everyone is able to get used to progressive lenses, however. Wearing progressives or bifocals is only a matter of personal preference. Also, keep in mind that not all higher index lenses can accommodate bifocal or progressive prescriptions. The more questions you ask your optician, the better!
Coatings: Anti-reflective coating is recommended for those who wear glasses while driving or who spend long hours working on the computer. If you use your glasses just for reading, this coating isn’t really necessary.
Polarized lenses have become a popular trend lately but not everyone is happy with them. Their purpose is to reduce glare and haze while outdoors. When a surface reflects light, it will spread in all directions. Having polarized lenses reduces this glare and puts less strain on the eyes. However, there have been many complaints that people aren’t able to view LCD screens or mobile devices very well. Try them on and see for yourself if they’re comfortable or not, go outdoors and have a look at the world.
UVA/UVB protection is recommended, but if you wear your glasses for long periods outdoors or for day driving, it’s a must!
Tinting is only a matter of preference. Some like blue and purple tinting better than yellow, brown or green, and others feel the complete opposite. Try on the different colors available and have a look outside to see which you prefer the most. Please note that many people prefer yellow or brown tinting when spending long hours outdoors.
Scratch resistant coating is useful if you’re a little bit rough with your eyeglasses. For those who take their glasses on and off throughout the day (especially if they’re your reading glasses), chances of them getting scratched are much higher.
Reading up on what’s offered and asking yourself a few questions about what you’re going to need your prescription glasses for will save you money in the long run. Once you know what you need order glasses online and save even more!

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Online CPR certification classes in USA

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Flaxseed Oil, a Good Source of Essential Fatty Acids

If you are seeking to enjoy the benefits of essential fatty acids, then you will be glad to know that there are different sources of these compounds and especially if you want it in supplement form. The supplements are normally extracted from fish oil which is the most popular to date but flaxseed oil has also emerged as a good source. Linseed oil (this is another name for flaxseed oil) is extracted from flax plant seed by pressing them. However, the pressing is done hygienically through a process known as cold pressing which helps not only in maintaining the purity but also in preserving the nutritional composition of the oil.
Flaxseed oil benefits
Flaxseed oil has the same benefits as the fish oil and by using the supplements you will be assured of the following:

  • The nutritious oils have anti-inflammation benefits which are essential for the prevention of soreness arising from different conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The seed oil also enhanced the heart condition thus helping prevent cardiovascular conditions such as strokes and heart attacks.
  • It also helps enhance superior cognitive function thus aiding in learning, memory development and retention.
  • It also contributes to better eye vision.

Flaxseed oils consist of essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats which are essential for health and this makes them highly recommended and especially from health practitioners. Consuming the oils provides your body with fats such as alpha linolenic acid from which EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids originate. When looking for the right oils, it is important to consider the packaging and get one that is in a dark container or bottle. This is important in preventing the possible breakdown of the oil, something caused by exposure to light. The storage should also be done properly in a fridge as heat could easily mess up with the quality of the oil.

How to use flaxseed oils

First, there are formulations that contain added lignans which are found in the seeds. These addition offer antioxidant properties and also helps in fighting cancer according to research. If you settle for these oils, it will be important to understand their composition as this will help you enjoy the benefits they provide. First, the oil should not be used for cooking and neither should it be exposed to heat as it is highly sensitive to the same. You can incorporate the oil in your daily diet by putting it in salad dressings and cold sauces. Additionally, you can pour the recommended amount in green smoothies and other healthy drinks as well.

You can also settle for supplement soft-gels which are available in different doses. These oils work well as a substitute for vegetarians and vegans who do not wish to get omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil products. Although these oils are recommended for use by people of different ages, pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid using them. Using the oils regularly will go a long way in enhancing your health and therefore you should consider taking the supplements and incorporating the flaxseed oil in your daily diet.

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David is a passionate researcher of Fish Oil and Pregnancy. He published this research on his website. For more information about benefits of flaxseed oil visit