The Mediflair hiring process involves rigorous credentialing and verifications. This process consists of providing us with various required documentation and completing a number of forms and tests.  There are also several items we process internally, such as background screening and verification of employment and education histories.

If you would like to expedite your hiring process, it is encouraged to review this list of requirements and begin gathering the necessary documents:

Required Documentation

  • Current résumé in Word or pdf:
    1. Résumé must clearly outline minimum of two years experience in your area(s) of specialty 
    2. Must include all work and education history 
    3. Work history must clearly outline dates worked with each prior employer (month and year, not just year) and in what area of specialty you worked
    4. Agency employment sections must breakdown dates worked at specific facilities and in specific area(s) of specialty – the more specific you can be, the better
  • Current CPR for the Health Care Provider issued by the American Heart Association
  • Current ACLS, PALS, NRP as required for your area(s) of specialty
  • Education verification (copy of your diploma or transcript)
  • Annual physical exam or general statement of good health with no work restrictions.
  • Annual TB screening
  • MMRV titers or vaccination series
  • Proof of Hepatitis B immunity or signed declination
  • Annual Flu vaccine
  • Annual Fit test
  • TDaP vaccine
  • Professional references from every manager in the past two years (minimum 2 references).
  • Two supporting documents required for I-9 (Passport, Permanent Resident card, Drivers License, Social Security card, Birth Certificate, etc.)

Forms & Tests to Complete 

  • Annual proficiency & medication testing for your area(s) of specialty
  • Annual clinical skills checklist for your area(s) of specialty
  • Annual mandatories
  • Completed application to include 7 years of work & education history
  • Employment and Tax forms:  I-9, MW507, W-4
  • Various acknowledgement forms:  HIPAA, Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, etc
  • Various consent forms:  disclosure of information, background screening, etc

Items to be Processed Internally

  • Verification of current professional license
  • Annual negative 9-panel drug screen
  • Annual comprehensive background screening (every county, state lived and worked in the past 7 years)
  • Verification of employment from every employer in the past two years (minimum)
  • Verification of education history

Health System Requirements

Many health systems and facilities have their own specific credentialing requirements that exceed our standard credential requirements.  See below for health system-specific credentialing requirements.  If you intend on working at any facilities that are members of these systems, we will need the listed credentials on file before you can pick up time there.


Medstar Health System Union Memorial, Good Samaritan, Franklin Square, Harbor, Montgomery General, St Marys, Southern Maryland Hospital Center, Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital

  • MMRV Titers must be on a lab report OR vaccination series’ must be signed by a physician – employee health history printouts are not accepted
  • References must demonstrate two years of experience in the last three years specific to the area(s) of specialty in which you wish to work
  • Drug Screen must be completed again no more than 30 days prior to your first day of orientation
  • Flu declinations are not accepted – no exceptions
  • If you have had a previous positive reaction to a PPD, the chest x-ray must be within 5 years.  Also, the annual symptom survey must be reviewed and signed by your physician.  Finally, you must provide documentation from your original positive PPD reaction
  • Must have one month of agency experience elsewhere before working at Medstar
  • Application must be updated every two years and include comprehensive work history with no gaps for the last 7 years minimum


Johns Hopkins Health System Hopkins Main Campus, Bayview, Howard County General

  • TDaP is required – no exceptions
  • Medication Exams must have a passing score of 90% or higher
  • References must demonstrate one year of experience in the last three years specific to the area(s) of specialty in which you wish to work
  • References must be completed by a manager – no exceptions
  • A reference is required from your current position and the immediately preceding position


Chesapeake Registry Program (CRP) Facilities The CRP partners with the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) to monitor agency clinicians that work in a number of facilities in the area.  Many hospitals that are not part of Medstar or Hopkins Health participate with the CRP.

  • References must be co-signed by manager if not completed by manager